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63rd Annual Beloit & Vicinity

The Wright Museum of Art is happy to return to the Annual Beloit & Vicinity Exhibition, one of the oldest continuous juried art competitions in the state of Wisconsin. This year’s Beloit & Vicinity Exhibition features 28 works of art created by 24 artists from the region.  A special thank you to our jurors, Katherine Alcauskas and Fatima Laster, who've selected works that showcase a diverse range of mediums and subjects, creating a show that highlights the depth and breadth of our regional artists.


Most importantly, it is the artists that deserve our recognition for sharing their work during this unprecedented time, many thanks.


Statement From the Jurors


 It was a pleasure to jury this year’s Beloit & Vicinity exhibition, which is presented virtually rather than in person, for the first time in its sixty-four year history. The exhibition marks a year of uncertainty and upheaval. Originally engaged to jury the 2020 Beloit & Vicinity exhibition, our participation was delayed due to the COVID pandemic, and the exhibition cancelled. This iteration serves as a return of sorts, documenting a moment of recovery.


Regardless of these circumstances, the work we have reviewed in order to make this limited selection indicates the commitment and dedication of the artists of Beloit and the surrounding communities. Their practices and creativity have continued to thrive under challenging circumstances, and our ultimate selection was not an easy one to make amid the great creative depth with which we were presented. 


Ultimately, our selection was dictated by a visceral reaction to color and texture, along with an interest in including in the exhibition a diversity of materials and techniques. We hope the viewer takes away from this exhibition a sense of the great variety of approaches and styles at play in our artistic community.


We would like to thank Beloit College for their continued dedication to the local artists of Wisconsin and Illinois, and especially to Wright Museum of Art Curator Christa Story for inviting us to serve as jurors.


Katherine Alcauskas, Chief Curator, Chazen Museum of Art, UW-Madison

Fatima Laster, Artist and Owner/Director, 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios, Milwaukee


Click and scroll through the work:

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