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All Things Collected

Objects at Beloit College

Though the college boasts of two museums on campus—The Logan Museum of Anthropology and the Wright Museum of Art—collections aren’t confined to those spaces; you can find collected items in the library and its archives, in the Science Center display cases, in the storage rooms of the Neese Theatre, and in many other places around campus. This exhibit introduces you to some of the things found in the college’s collections and the ways that they connect not only across time and space to the world around us, but also to our curricular and co-curricular programs. Presented as a “cabinet of curiosities,” this exhibit asks you to think about the ways we interact with, categorize, value, and learn from objects. 

List of Gallery Objects


Discover a rich source of original materials for research from the Civil War, personal diaries, letters of faculty, presidents and alumni, and the history of Beloit College. The majority of the materials in the College Archives are searchable through Archives Space. The collection includes photos of campus life, student publications, alumni diaries, oral histories, and even items with unique stories such as a copy of The Nuremberg Chronicles, various freshman beanies, and a 1960s bowling pin.

The Department of Geology is located in the Sanger Center for the Sciences. The Geology Department boasts several impoartant collections on campus (many objects on permanent display) including the B.H. Beane Crinoid Collection, the Solem Fossilized Wood Collection, and extensive mineral, rock, and fossil collections. 


The Logan Museum houses approximately 350,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects from 129 countries and more than 600 cultural groups. Collections derive from research expeditions, field schools, gifts, exchanges, and purchases. The museum continues to acquire collections on a highly selective basis and conducts and sponsors extensive research and educational use of these collections. 

The Neese Theater Historic Costume Collection contains about 400 clothing items donated over the years by alumni. Mostly women's garments, the collection includes items from the late 1840s through the 1950s. The collection represents a significant historic resource for student use in their study of costume history and design. 


A space for experiential learning through a critical engagement with art, the Wright Museum of Art advances the educational goals of Beloit College. The Wright promotes experiential learning through an engagement with art that is both visual and tactile. It also endeavors to promote a critical reading of art as it shapes our cultural and intellectual history.


Other Campus Collections

You'll find collections around every corner on campus–like a growing pigment collection in the Department of Chemistry!

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