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All Things Collected

Objects at Beloit College

1. Woman’s Head, 4th Century

Greek, Chersonese


Wright Museum of Art, Gift of Helen Brace Emerson 10.279

2. Axe Head, Montana


Logan Museum of Anthropology, ED2002.2.57

3. Crinoid, Mississipian Period

Collected ca. 1940 from Le Grand, Iowa and prepared by Beane

Geological Collection, B.H. Beane Crinoid Collection

4. Two Frames with Labels identifying frame makers and gilders.

Wright Museum of Art

5. Half Scale Bustle Ensemble constructed by Mack Johnson in Advanced Costume Techniques. This dress follows a pattern from an 1880s bustle ensemble. 

Neese Theatre Collection

6. Costume from In the Next Room constructed by Mack Johnson and designed by Shelbi Wilkin. The costume was for Mrs. Givings who was played by Sage Green. The dress is based off of various historical garments from the 1880s.

Neese Theatre Collection

7. (2) Wayang Kulit shadow puppets, c. 1800–1816

Bali, Indonesia 

Hide, horn and gold leaf

Logan Museum of Anthropology ED2017.1.1

8. Get Behind the Movement, 1968

William Weege


Wright Museum of Art, Purchase 1969.1.3

9. Animal Locomotion, plate 157, 1887

Eadweard Muybridge

Collotype photograph

Wright Museum of Art, Purchase 2017.7.1

10. Boulder from a river pothole

Found in a glacial deposit in Springfield, MS

Looks to be composed of quartzite, which is metamorphic sandstone

Collected in 1938 by E.E. Lochridge (alum 1898)

Geological Collection


11. Gold beaded Edwardian pumps,

ca. 1900-1910 

Neese Historic Costume Collection

12. Arsenic green gloves, 19th century

(encapsulated for safety!)

Logan Museum of Anthropology

13. (12) Tsuba (sword guard), 19th century


Wright Museum of Art, Gifts of W.F.E. Gurley

14. Prayer Wheel, n.d.


Brass, Copper, and wood

Wright Museum of Art, EDC2017.7.2

15. Samovar



Collection of the Beloit College Library

16. Mola Panel


Cotton and synthetic fabric

Logan Museum of Anthropology, 


17. Teapot, ca. 1900


Cloisonne and attached ivory handle

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of Nathaniel and Lana Grey1993.5.27

18. Dog effigy vessel, n.d.

Colima ,West Mexico

Ceramic (earthenware)

Logan Museum of Anthropology, 


19. Bilum Bag, n.d.

Papua New Guinea 

Natural fibers

Logan Museum of Anthropology, 


20. Portrait of Rollin D. Salisbury 



Salisbury: Beloit College class of 1881

Taught at BC 1882-91

Trustee BC 1921-22

Department of Geology, Beloit College

21. Fossil: fish fossil from Eocene

(Green River Formation)

Basket: Rumor has it it was used by Salisbury during fieldwork to collect


Department of Geology, Beloit College

22. Tapestry weave textile (Gobelins technique), 17th c.

French or Flemish

Wright Museum of Art, Gift from the Carnegie  Cooperation 1927.2.32 

23. Embroidered textile, Eastern Mediterranean, 19th c.


Wright Museum of Art, Gift from the Carnegie  Cooperation 1927.2.50

24. Printed textile, 20th c.

Silk flat-weave, mechanically printed


Wright Museum of Art, Gift from the Carnegie  Cooperation 1927.2.59 

25. Batik Fabric, 19th c.



Wright Museum of Art, Gift from the Carnegie  Cooperation 1927.2.38

26. Black Edwardian Era Dress, ca. 1900-1910

Made with an outer layer of cotton polka dot net lace on a silk base layer with heavily beaded neckline and cuffs. 

Neese Historic Costume Collection

27. Purple Silk Bustle Dress, ca. 1870s 

Neese Historic Costume Collection

28. Miniature (portable) covered shrine, depicting 5 of the 7 Gods of Good Fortune


Wood carving

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of Minnie McIntyre Wallace 1947.23.1

29. Group of collected insects from IPM (Integrated Pest Management) at the Logan Museum of Anthropology

30. Three pairs of mid-century costume 

jewelry earrings. 

Neese Theatre Collection

31. Sarira Pagoda Scroll , n.d.


Characters from sutra. Elephant is the vehicle of Fugen Bosatsu (Samantabhadra Bodhisattva)

Wright Museum of Art, Purchase 2019.8.1

32. Section of Drawer 8: Brachiopoda, Articulata, Spiriferda from the Geological Collection

33. Prussian Blue, Manganese Violet, 

Cochineal; Pigment Collection, Chemistry Department  

34. Azurite mineral Specimen

Geological Collection

35. Flute, n.d

Logan Museum of Anthropology,

ED 2002.1.22

36. Beaded Whimsy, n.d.


Logan Museum of Anthropology, ED2011.1.4

37. Double Comb, early 20th century


Bamboo/Buffalo Horn

Wright Museum of Art


38. Mother of Pearl/Shell Snuff Bottle, 19th century, Chinese, 1992.15.64

Mother of Pearl/Shell, Tongzhi Period (1862–1873), Chinese, 1988.1.6

Wright Museum of Art

39. Abalone shell, from a marine snail

Mineralogy is aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate. Iridescent inside of

shell is Mother of Pearl (aka nacre), same material pearls are composed.

Modern in age

Geological Collection

40. Model, Zinc Blende Structure, Chemisty Department

41. Various portraits, Ambrotypes and 

Daguerreotypes, ca. 1850s

Wright Museum of Art, 1985.3.43,

1985.3.47, 1985.3.26

42. 1938 International Exhibit of Paintings Carnegie Institute Pittsburg 

Exhibition Catalog

Beloit College Archives 

43. Holiday greeting to Helen Brace Emerson (Founder of Beloit's Art collection) from Chicago-based artist Bertha E. Jaques; includes small etching by Jaques

Beloit College Archives

44. Reproduction Mayan Codex

Logan Museum of Anthropology,


45. Czechoslovakian Book, 1550/1600


Ink, Paper, Leather

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of the Family of Chester Rabas 2000.7.1

  46. Dolls with advanced plastic deterioration

Logan Museum of Anthropology

47. Biwa, n.d.

Japan (Masashiro Nakata)


Logan Museum of Anthropology, ED2010.5.7

48. Jar, n.d.

Jemez Pueblo


Logan Museum of Anthropology,


49. Cylindrical Vessel (Replica)



Logan Museum of Anthropology,


50. Illustrated Journal by Laura Aldrich Neese (Beloit College graduate, artist, and art collection benefactor)

Beloit College Archives

51. 2 Off white sheer linen shirtwaist blouses c. 1900-1910

52. Brown silk bodice, ca. late 1870s to be worn with a bustle skirt.

Neese Historic Costume Collection

53. Pauk-Arny, 1978

Victor Vasarely


Wright Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pazdan 1984.3.2

54. Light-show Lamp

Doug Henthorn

Collection of the Beloit College Library

55.  Teapot, n.d.


Red clay

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of Dr. Poor EDC 2010.4.8

56. Zines from the Collection of the Beloit College Library:

Dr. Neptune (fiction)

(hearing blue), poetry

Not Straight, Not White, Not Male (Gender,

Sex., and Race)

When the white man gives You money, Nia King (Gender, Sex., and Race)

Better Late than Pregnant (womyn’s health)

Round Things Roll #4 (travel)

The Prince Zine, Joshua James Amberson (music)

Domestic Times (personal) 

57. Yearbooks and Round Tables from the Collection of the Beloit College Library:








58. Historic Lab equipment, Chemistry Department

59. Scleractinian Coral (brain coral) 

Mineralogy is aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate.

Modern in age

Geological Collection

60. Model Molecule kits,

Chemistry Department

61. Bioma Figure, n.d. 

Papua New Guinea 

Pigment and wood

Logan Museum of Anthropology,


62. Walnut Cabinet, 1450/1585



Wright Museum of Art, Gift of Mrs. Elbert Neese, the Misses Mouat, Kathryn Adams, and Mrs. John E. Jenkins 1933.1

63. Sage and Himotoshi Netsuke, n.d.


Carved Walnut Shell 

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of W.F.E. Gurley 1944.1.513

64. In the Gallery, 19th century

Ladislaus Bakalowicz 

Oil on panel 

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of the Pitkin Family 

65. Adoration of the Magi, late 16th century

Italian, follower of Antonio da Correggio

Oil on copper

Wright Museum of Art, Gift of W.F.E. Gurley 

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